We are in to the process of rolling out some key features within Octo and the Blue Octopus website. The features are being introduced to improve vacancy reach, client recruitment branding and candidate attraction – and will be launched early in the new year and we’re all very excited!

Hawk eyed users of Octo might have noticed some changes within the recruitment technology platform. When creating vacancies clients; (and the Blue Octopus team) can assign benefits to an individual role. This feature will be used to promote company/vacancy benefits to candidates who browse roles on the Blue Octopus website.
The new Blue Octopus website will be going live in early January and will have a vast range of improvements which have been developed over the past year by the in-house digital team at Octo House. These changes have been carefully considered and will offer significant improvements to the user experience for candidates.

Some of the features will create changes within Octo, these changes are listed below:

Postcode Vacancy Mapping
Candidates will be able to closely match vacancies to their requirements by searching from a postcode and distance radius. This will increase the vacancy reach – getting your vacancies in front of more relevant talent.

Improvements within Octo: When adding a vacancy within Octo, it will be mandatory for clients and Blue Octopus staff to provide a postcode for each vacancy, this will set a base location. After the initial feature launch, we’ll be adding a distance border to suggest vacancies which may be relevant to the candidates who are just outside their preferred distance.



Vacancy Adverts
Our branded adverts will be becoming fully responsive so that users on a range of device will easily be able to view the adverts. Our digital team have set up default adverts based on each client’s individual brand, but these can be overridden when creating a vacancy by uploading a header and footer image (header size: 870 x 250px footer size: 870 x 115px).
We will also be able to showcase client logos throughout the site and on individual advert pages. These will be designed in the brand colours of the client (for Octo Premium and FirstClass users).

Improvements within Octo: You will have the option to upload individual headers and footers when creating a new vacancy.



Vacancy Benefits

Vacancy benefits will be highlighted to candidates on the Blue Octopus website via the new API which will talk to Octo in real time.

Improvements within Octo: When creating a vacancy request the user will be able to indicate which benefits are expected to be applicable. These choices can be overridden when creating the actual vacancy. Octo FirstClass users will also be able to customise their benefits options.



Future developments will be rolled out through the year including promoting vacancy benefits on existing client careers sites. Your Blue Octopus account manager will be in touch in the new year to go over this and also highlight any new features that Octo offers which could streamline your recruitment process.

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