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Once you have made an offer do you struggle with the next stage of ‘onboarding’? If so, Blue Octopus have created an outstanding addition to the Octo First Class suite ‘Onboarding’. This new feature will create a smooth transition from making an offer to getting that new employee through the door on their first day with a positive outlook on your company.

The onboarding feature will also centralise your process, keeping all the relevant people up to date with all your new starters every step of the way. It will also help ensure that all the tasks for your onboarding have been completed so that the employee can hit the ground running on day one!

This can be extremely helpful for making sure that those all important DBS and ID’s checks have been carried out. Or maybe the employee might struggle find the location of their new place of work? If so, why not attach a map to be sent via a communication template along with a welcome pack? It doesn’t have to be time consuming either as many of the process can be automated (as long as there is no manual input – such as uploading a completed DBS check document). This makes the onboarding really easy to manage, you set up the custom stages of your company process and they can be organised to be sent to the candidate a set amount of days after an offer has been accepted by the candidate…

Onboarding candidates


I bet your thinking this sounds too good to be true, it’s going to make onboarding so simple! If you are wanting any of the following, then get booked in for a one on one demo:

–          Assign a wide range of tasks (emails, uploading document, sending documents, check lists, custom communication templates)
–          Structure your onboarding through Octo
–          Build your own custom process
–          Keep up to date with your new starters 24/7
–          Centralise your onboarding process
–          Full audit trail from all your users

Live demos of the feature will take place from Tuesday the 7th June, drop us an email to book your one on one demonstration.

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