Creating a vacancy in Octo just got even easier. Hiring Managers using Octo can now simply select a predefined list of questions, at the application form stage, with one simple click! Once the application form has been selected the user can then add or edit any questions with complete flexibility tailoring the application to the role they are advertising.

Octo Premium and FirstClass clients will now notice that they can select an application form template when creating a vacancy. When selected, the template will be loaded to the current vacancy where it can be amended if required. This makes the process more flexible as clients are able to build up a library of application forms for different roles and target audiences.

By clients creating a ‘Default’ application form they will be able to use this as a starting point for all their roles, then add further questions to this in the application form builder.

How to do this:

To utilise this feature, Advanced Users will need to visit the Config tab and select the Application Questions button on the right hand side panel. Next the user will need to ‘Add new record’. The user can setup as many ‘Standard’ application forms as they like.

Once this is complete, the client will be able to select the alternative application form when they next add a new vacancy to Octo. This could be through the ‘Add new vacancy’ button or through the Vacancy Requisition.

If you would like a demonstration of the new feature, please contact your Blue Octopus Client Delivery Coordinator or alternatively drop us a line.

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