No response to online recruitingAfter a rough few years, more and more people are finally taking up work…so it’s easy to believe that simply posting an ad is enough to get jobseekers beating a path to your door. Many employers are therefore surprised to find that after they took the time to write up a job description and pay for placement of a vacancy and other online recruiting services that they didn’t get as many responses as they wanted.

If your ad is not met with the reception you expected, a problem clearly exists somewhere – whether it’s due to the way your ad was written, the description itself, the timing or one of dozens of other factors. In this post, we’ll take a look at what might have gone wrong and how you can fix it…so next time, you’ll get the candidate you need for the role.

Bad spelling and grammar

You might be offering the best job in the world, but would-be applicants are put off by errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Have someone look through your ad to make sure it looks good.

Too vague

Jobseekers are often wary about an employer who seems to be holding back details about the position. Scams and unfair working arrangements are common, despite job boards’ best efforts to weed them out – and so a short ad that says little about duties, the company or pay is likely to be passed over.


Every employer wants to promote their business, but it’s easy to go overboard. Empty adjectives like “amazing”, “the best”, “magnificent” don’t communicate much meaning and are hard to back up, so rely on more objective measures of your success.

Short timeframe

It can take a matter of days for enough applications to come in to consider setting up interviews. Even people who check for new vacancies every day might take time to find yours, so have a little patience and make sure you leave enough time between uploading your ad and the start date.

Repeat listings

Are you inserting the same ads again and again? A jobseeker who sees five sales jobs with the same company within an hour of each other will get the idea that this is a company with high turnover, whether or not this is true. If you really do have multiple, identical roles to fill, put up a single listing.

Company doesn’t look good

While many jobseekers will just fire off applications to every vacancy they see, many like to do a bit of research into the organisation first. If your company has a poor reputation, or a bad web presence, you might find this is the stage where people are turned off.

As you can see, there are many reasons you might not have got many responses to your ad, and it doesn’t necessarily mean the job is no good. As a final tip, simply viewing your ad from the perspective of an outsider should ensure you can give the best impression possible from your job advertisement.

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