Blue Octopus has once again been successful at the Onrec awards for the fifth consecutive year. The team were very pleased to bring the ‘Creative Online Marketing’ award back to Octo House – following the submission for the new Blue Octopus website which went live on the 20th of January 2017.

The new website was designed to improve usability, create a candidate focused user experience and to showcase our client’s brands – which, in turn assists them in increasing brand awareness. This also promotes transparency throughout the managed recruitment process (unless the client has requested that the role is advertised blind). The new website was also introduced alongside some business process changes for Blue Octopus, such as – each vacancy is now assigned a postcode which is pinpointed to postcode (which is mapped by latitude and longitude). The roles can be radius searched by candidates on the frontend of the website, increasing the amount of relevant vacancies which the candidate sees. The website is also fully responsive so client branded adverts are visible to candidates applying for roles on all types of devices.

We have had excellent feedback regarding the website and the results are equally as impressive. Our bounce rate has improved by over 21% and the engagement rates of users has improved by over 55% (figures compared to previous years’ figures).

There is a range of improvements which we will be looking to introduce soon, watch this space for future developments. Congratulations to our digital team for this fantastic achievement.

If you have any feedback about our new website or would just like share some kind words please feel free to email

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