There was a time when job hunters would scour the pages of their local paper or industry magazine for their next career move but times have moved on and, in this an era of internet job sites and job boards, online recruitment is enabling employers and candidates to manage most of the process online.

Online recruitment technology allows HR professionals, managers and business owners to manage their vacancies and applications at a time that suits them. Each person involved in the selection process can score candidates and compare notes on first impressions. This allows for a more collaborative recruitment service, led by an expert recruiter who will advise, support and promote the vacancy using a variety of online channels.

How online recruitment works

At its best, online recruitment pairs great technology with the skill and expertise of a really good recruitment agency. At Blue Octopus we are, first and foremost, good at what we do. We build lasting relationships with our clients and understand their need to find the best people for their business. Our online recruitment platform then allows them to pick out the top talent quickly and easily.

Here are 5 things that a good online recruitment service should offer:

1. Transparent pricing

Fixed fee recruitment gives complete transparency because it means clients know exactly how much their recruitment campaign will cost them from the outset, regardless of the salary they ultimately agree with the successful candidate.

2. Targeted advertising

Recruitment professionals are experts at writing engaging job advertisements and using specific keywords to attract interest from the right candidates. As online recruitment specialists we understand how people search for jobs, what words they use when they’re looking for a specific career move and where they look for new opportunities. We use our experience to tailor adverts so that they attract the best quality applications, not just the biggest volume. The more relevant the applications, the more chance our clients have of finding the ideal person for the job.

3. Tailored technology  

Some employers need greater functionality from their recruitment software than others. Our Octo Recruitment Technology is a bespoke product that has been developed in conjunction with HR professionals to make it as relevant as possible to our clients. The standard solution delivers everything you’d expect from recruitment software solution. But if you are in need of added functionality then our more powerful Octo Premium and Octo First Class will be of interest, as they empower the users with a large range of exceptional features.

Blue Octopus can also compliment the recruitment technology offering with its careers site design service, which promotes our client’s recruitment brand and showcases them as an employer of choice.

With this flexible offering we can cater for a wide range of recruitment needs ensuring, companies pay for exactly the level of service they need and not a penny more.

4. Active not reactive

A proactive recruitment service delivers the best results for both clients and candidates. It means the employer finds the right people and the employee makes the best career move. Some recruitment agencies simply place their adverts and wait for the CVs to come in. We’d rather take control of the process, actively looking for potential candidates who fit the job criteria and using our talent pool, job board CV search databases, LinkedIn (Super user license)  and social media channels to research and approach passive talent

5. Streamlined process

Online technology makes the application and selection process easier and more accessible for candidates on the go but the input of a professional online recruitment agency really helps the process to run smoothly and efficiently. At Blue Octopus we keep in constant contact with our client throughout the selection process to help them arrange interviews and keep their prospects informed. We work alongside in-house HR and management teams to provide administrative support, communication and expertise.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how online recruitment could make life easier for your business call us on 01943 461 327.

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