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If you want to adopt a modern, organised approach to your recruitment, you’ll be looking for some kind of recruitment technology package. There are a number of options out there though, each with their pros and cons, so it’s easy to get a little swept up in big claims and fancy words, and ultimately end up unsure of what you’re really looking for.

Online recruitment software helps you track your applicants, manage your campaigns and bring all the applications in one place, just to relieve some of the pain that recruitment can cause. It’s definitely more convenient than pushing papers around a desk, but how exactly are you supposed to choose the right one for your organisation’s needs?

A good place to start is to work out exactly what you want from the software. You want a technology package, but only as a solution to a particular problem – once you identify the problem, you can go from there.

Making a list of wanted features, you might think  would be beneficial is a great starting point. To give you an idea of what to look for, here’s what you can achieve with Blue Octopus’ own flat fee service, and recruitment package ‘Octo’:

• Talent pool feature: the ability to store applicants’ details automatically in the Talent Pool is really handing for keeping the lines of communication open for when another role that may be more suitable is advertised.

• Employer branding: you can customise the recruitment  portal so that candidate and HR professionals are continuously engaged with your brand; this will ensure that your employer brand is consistent and seamless throughout the hiring process.  This will make for a more professional, cohesive candidate experience.

• Agency module : The agency module will make sure that all your hiring stays under one easy to use system and so that your staff don’t have to remember various logins and URLs. All your recruitment providers under one roof – easy!

• Flexible level of service: if you want, you can take full control of hiring  and utilise all the features of Octo (First Class) to run your whole hiring process. Or you can pass off all the heavy lifting and just approve the final selection of candidates.

• Bespoke reports: analyse your cost per hire, time to hire and more to make improvements in your recruitment process.

• Social Hub: if you feel that it’s important to post your vacancies out on social media then you will need a social media management tool. With the Octo Social Hub you are able to share vacancies at important times throughout your recruitment campaign. Very handy for all those company followers.

• Onboarding: a seamless on boarding process is essential for ensuring that your new employees have a positive experience and start their new role in the best possible way. With good onboarding software you can insure that your new placements are provided with the correct documentation and if needed DBS, reference checks etc can be carried out before the start date.

Whether your focus is on tracking applicants, advertising more widely or having an HR partner do all the heavy lifting, there will probably be some features on which you’re unable to compromise. And with different packages offering different features, this will help you rule out unsuitable possibilities early on.

You will also want to formulate a budget to help you narrow down your list further. Whatever you’re spending on offline recruitment (that is, dealing with paper CVs, spreadsheets and agencies) you’ll almost certainly save money, even if your reasons for switching methods were not economic. It’s okay to be flexible or to have a range of budgets, and in any case many recruitment technology companies provide a variety of pricing plans. However if you have some idea of what you’d like to spend on bringing candidates on board, you’ll be better prepared for discussions with providers.

Armed with this information, you can start researching the different players out there. You’ll find most providers give a detailed list of features that they provide but they may be quite cagey about the price. This isn’t always a bad thing as the cost can vary depending on all kinds of factors such as the volume of recruitment or the level of service required, not to mention that most providers would rather lead with the service rather than be judged right away by the price. Because of this, if you’re on a budget you might want to draw up a shortlist until you can find out more information on the different offerings.

Remember that the online recruitment package you get shouldn’t just include software. A comprehensive service side such as candidate scoring, CV searching or arranging interviews should be part of what you pay for.

Before making your final decision, it’s a very good idea to meet someone from the company in person or arrange for an online demonstration of what you’ll really be getting out of the deal. Looking around a provider’s website is all well and good, but there are all kinds of things you can’t get a good read on until you see it in action.

For example, how easy is it to find the features you want to use? Do the tools work the way you expect? Is the software fast, efficient and well developed? Also what support do you have with the software?

And finally, you should look for the values you’d want in any supplier – transparency, friendly service, value for money and enthusiasm for what they do.

There are a lot of factors that go into making a great online recruitment service, and we believe Octo will tick most if not all of your boxes. If you’re curious about how our applicant tracking and candidate attraction could benefit your organisation, get in touch for a demonstration or just a simple chat!

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