Social media hub in action

Award-winning online recruitment company Blue Octopus has completed the in-house development on its powerful social media scheduling hub  – which is to be used to support advertising of clients’ job vacancies across multiple social networks.

The ‘Social Hub’ was developed to intelligently combine helpful social media management tools like Hootsuite and Everypost with the life cycle of a client’s recruitment campaign. Though social media posting applications exist, none on offer were simultaneously flexible and easy enough to use to be offered for Blue Octopus clients. As a result the Blue Octopus development team created the Social Hub.

The new feature integrates with the company’s cloud-based recruitment software solution, ‘Octo’. This allows the feature to be easily offered to clients, and avoids support and extensibility issues that may occur with third-party services.

The main purpose of the feature is to post updates to clients’ Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts on a scheduled basis, alerting followers to the job vacancies offered. Three posts are offered; by default these are associated with the beginning, midpoint and shortly before the end of the application period, though the schedule can be customised to the client’s preference, as can the exact text of the updates. Clients are also able to easily share the vacancy to their personal social media accounts at any time throughout the campaign by simply using the ‘Post’ button on the relevant social media icon.

Social media hub in action

Schedule social media posts as in Hootsuite

Chris Coleman, Managing Director at Blue Octopus, said, ‘With the new social hub, we’re better equipped to push client job adverts out in front of a wider, more engaged audience.

‘This is all part of our plan to further enhance Octo Recruitment Technology as well as expand our range of online marketing services including our much-in-demand fully responsive careers sites, pay-per-click advertising and fully managed social media campaigns.’

The social hub uses official Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to integrate with users and companies’ social media accounts and requires a very simple verification as confirmation to link the accounts. Some of the social networks require a re-verification every once in a while.

As a brand new feature, the social hub is being offered to clients on the Octo First Class licence at no additional cost.

Blue Octopus maintains an automated job feed on Twitter in which all vacancies are published as soon as they go live (@BlueOctopusJobs). The new feature however is designed for posting to clients’ social networking profiles rather than this dedicated one.

Blue Octopus is a leading and award-winning online recruitment company based in Leeds. In addition to its recruitment services, the company is actively expanding its range of online packages offered to clients to include careers site design, social media management and pay-per-click advertising.

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