Blue Octopus works with a huge range of organisations from all industries to help them with their recruitment needs. For each client, we carefully consider their needs and provide tailored packages where needed to maximise their recruitment potential. Let’s take a look at what we’ve achieved in just a year with animal welfare charity Cats Protection…

Before coming on board, the charity used agencies and the Jobcentre for advertising. This is very common among our clients as these are well-known recruitment channels; however as is also common, the service provided was lacking and was not always cost-effective, especially for an organisation of limited means. As for direct handling of applications, Cats Protection relied on forms submitted by email and post.

Right away we saw the opportunity for an intuitive, centralised system…that’s where our tailored, in-house online solution ‘Octo’ comes in. This collects together all vacancies and applications to help streamline management of them. Our service also includes posting to a specially curated list of job boards for wide, effective exposure.

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Cats Protection is a large nationwide organisation, and they need a continual influx of staff to run their operations. To rehome 48,000 cats per year, they clearly need a large and dedicated staff who love what they do and share the charity’s core values.

We’ve put a number of measures in place to help them with their recruitment so they can direct more time and money towards their main mission of helping out cats!

Since last year we’ve not only advertised more than 90 paid positions for Cats Protection, but made their process faster and more cost-effective.

Among the things we’re proud of though is that we’ve also designed and developed the charity’s careers microsite, to help both candidates and the organisation with the entire recruitment process.

By moving their recruitment to a separate site, Cats Protection’s vacancies become more searchable and analytical data becomes easier to track. It’s also built on Octo, which serves as a full-featured applicant tracking system among many other functions.

In addition to the technical reasons for hosting a careers site, it allows the charity to publicise and reinforce its own recruitment brand – establishing itself as a respectful, transparent and diverse employer.

The microsite has performed very well in its own right as a complete hub for paid full- and part-time vacancies, and has enabled Cats Protection to improve not only the numbers but the strength of applicants.

Regional HR Partner Josie, said, ‘Blue Octopus saved us time and money from day one as they managed to overhaul our post- and email-based recruitment system almost overnight. The careers microsite and expert service team have done a fabulous job in bringing in top quality candidates, in a range of roles, that we would otherwise never have reached. I’d recommend Blue Octopus to any organisation looking to save costs and modernise their approach to recruitment.’

Cats Protection is of course just one client out of hundreds, and we’re always ready to go above and beyond for any company in need of a boost in their hiring strategy. Want to know more? It’s the purrfect time to get in touch!


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