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As the end of 2015 approaches, I think we can all agree that we’re in need of a nice long holiday and some cracking gifts to go along with it. Christmas is nearly upon us and we can’t wait to see what’s under the tree this year.perbandingan smartphone

While many recruiters will be happy with their turkey, loved ones and maybe some cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix, we know most recruiters would also love to receive some of the things on this list…so if you haven’t yet bought a gift for the recruiter in your life, there’s still time to pick these up:

Quicker hires

It’s always a good feeling when the recruitment process can be made shorter, and still result in a top candidate. Time is money after all, and whether recruiting is done by an agency, in-house or by some other method, there’s always a cost associated with the decision-making process. Every hour spent interviewing or poring over CVs is an hour that could be spent on something else.

It’s not just recruiters who get impatient with a drawn-out search for the right person for the job. Candidates may, quite understandably, get tired of waiting for a company to make up their minds and go elsewhere. Plus, every day that goes by in a recruitment campaign is another day that a candidate might get an offer from someone else.

Of course the job search shouldn’t be rushed, but nobody benefits when the extra days, weeks or even months don’t help the company find the right fit.

More focused candidates

There’s nothing quite like finding the perfect candidate for the role. However for every person who gets asked to interview, there are a few who, it seems, only skim-read the job description.

Yes, while the majority of candidates, in our experience, put through a considered and thoughtful application, a minority of job seekers apply for roles that don’t match their skills or level of experience at all. Recruiters have no choice but to pass them up. It’s not just a waste of recruiters’ time of course, as these candidates are also wasting their own time in going through an application for a role far above or below their level.

Spending less

Top quality candidates usually don’t come cheap. Having said that many firms spend much more than they need to on finding the right fit.

Of course, when an organisation manages to decrease its cost-per-hire, they can afford to hire more people, grow faster or offer better salaries!

Better focus, planning and procedures can help trim hundreds from a placement’s cost. In particular, when companies hand over 10, 20 or even 30% of each candidate’s salary to recruitment agencies, they’re paying way over the odds, just to make up for the times when the consultants fail to make the placement….is this really the best way to source?

Are you a recruiter? If so, what would your ideal Christmas present be?

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