recruitment-sourcingTechnological advances appear to emerge with ever accelerating regularity, from developments in communication through to pioneering development in toothbrushes – technology continues to augment our daily practices with barely a pause. This technological evolution doesn’t only impact upon our personal lives but also the professional and corporate side of things. In many areas of business; grasping and utilising the latest techniques and cohering with the digital trend is essential to prolonged success.

Recruitment is a prime example of how embracing technology can lead to a more effective business. Recruitment technology has become a sub-industry in its own right, utilising advances in information technology, communication and innovative application of the internet in order to secure results. As Blue Octopus demonstrate, the entire recruitment process can now be successfully and cost effectively carried out online and utilising various platforms, systems and methods, all aspects of the service can be streamlined and integrated. With social media and online job-boards acting as outreach and candidate acquisition channels, email and response forms collecting detailed information and bespoke recruitment software systems processing and organising the relevant data.

This model of social media and online search obtained applications fed into a custom-built database and review platform, linked to a client direct to applicant response platform can be built into a complete integrated system – at Blue Octopus the in-house developed Engage Recruitment Technology system unifies the various platforms. By combining this system with expert recruitment staff and a wealth of industry know-how, Blue Octopus are able to provide an unparalleled service in terms of value and success.

Not only does the intelligent application of integrated software solutions make for a more effective and efficient process but also allows for the service to be performed in a more cost-effective manner. Online recruitment specialists with their own bespoke recruitment technology systems are able to provide a first-rate service at a lower price than their less digitally adept counterparts, furthermore, due to the social prominence of social media and online search, Blue Octopus manage to draw considerably higher numbers of qualified and relevant applications and provide clients with the tools to make their part of the recruitment process as streamlined and straightforward as possible.

The secret to success for companies like Blue Octopus is perfectly designed and maintained recruitment technology systems in conjunction with extensive knowledge and awareness of the industry. This concept can be rolled out across all manner of industries in order to ensure the best possible results and the most efficient utilisation of resources. In order to get ahead in business it is always important to stay up to date with relevant technology and online recruitment shows just how effective the assimilation of new systems into existing practices can be.

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