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We may be only a few weeks into 2015, but already some trends for the year are becoming clear. If you can recognise what the near future holds in the online recruitment industry, you can refine your hiring strategy to meet it.

To help our clients stay ahead, we’ve asked some recruitment experts (that is, Blue Octopus team members) what they foresee over the coming months.

Kelly (Head of Service Delivery)

Although we have recently seen unemployment fall to 1.91 million in 2014, this hasn’t been easy for job seekers. With the changes in approach to the recruitment industry job seekers are having to work harder on their applications.

We have seen  an increase in clients now wanting to find out more about the candidates before considering them for interview. This is probably because of recruitment costs being reduced by companies and HR professions wanting to streamline their recruitment processes, opting not to spend time interviewing candidates that would be less than ideal for the role.

An outcome of this is that candidates are now having to spend more time on their applications. The recent news on the employment figures is good but might not be as accurate as it seems – some of these employed people might only have part-time jobs or zero hours contracts (which we have seen growth in over the past year) and that means that the figures might not be as positive as they first seemed.

We also noticed that there was an increase in demand for roles in IT development, nursing and teaching.

Marc (Head of IT)

2015 is going to be a technology focused year. In 2014 we saw a wide range of devices being used to browse the Blue Octopus website and use the Octo technology. Apple iPhone is still the most used device on the website but we have also seen that users view via [handheld games console] Sony Vitas.

Mobile traffic increased by over 20% last year which is proof that candidates and HR professionals are in need of technology solutions that can fit around their busy lives.

Liam (Joint Managing Director)

In 2014 HR professionals became a lot more open to the new concept of online recruiters. Due to budget cuts this option must have seemed like a good middle ground to step away from expensive agencies but still have a recruitment service.  At Blue Octopus our renewal rate is now at nearly 90% which is a clear indicator that this new approach to recruitment is highly relevant to and trusted by companies.

I have also noticed an increase in demand for bespoke careers sites and recruitment technology; companies are clearly a lot more aware of the value of employee branding and the journey through the candidate onboarding experience. I can only see companies embracing recruitment branding throughout the year.

Tips for job seekers for 2015

Be open and comprehensive in your CV and cover letter – employers may want to know more about you before your interview.

Take more time to think about how your skills and experience match up with those called for in a job ad.

Take heart! Employment is rising.

Tips for recruiters for 2015

Take steps to minimise costs in your hiring process before it’s necessary to cut staff numbers or salaries

Be proactive in embracing new technology and solutions

Employer brand is more crucial than ever, so think about how it comes through, both in your careers site (if you have one) and social media accounts.

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