The year is 2017 and things are moving at a pace, whether it’s Donald Trump’s America, the trigger of Article 50 by Theresa May or that Leicester City would be Premier League champions and the last English team in the Champions League, things have already changed dramatically since the turn of 2016. No one could’ve predicted any of those things at this point last year.

Times are a changing and so is the recruitment industry. It is now not just a case of calling in with a copy of your CV to the nearest agency asking for work. More and more recruiters are developing software to benefit both candidate and client along their recruitment journey. In this blog, I look at five features that I believe will revolutionize the world of recruitment in 2017 and beyond.

Voice Search for SEO

With the increases in technology assistants such as Siri, Cortana, Google Now and Amazon Echo – smart phones and tablets have seen a raise in a new breed of search, ‘voice’ search!

This new medium of search will bring new challenges for search, which will impact the way that clients find recruiters and the way that candidates find vacancies online.

Online recruitment has always been hugely affected by SEO and this recent change to search will be no different. Speaking into your phone is not a new thing, as we use telephones daily, but using it as a searching tool may be a daunting one to start with, we just need to embrace the change and adapt to it. Voice technology was introduced by Apple in the form of ‘’Siri’’ in 2011. The more you use it, the more it understands the user. Reports suggest that using a voice search function gives the user better results than a normal search. Be clear and precise, use more than one word and ask it what you are looking for, you will be amazed by the results.


You may well have read the recent blog that we featured regarding video interviewing. We have already started rolling this service out for our clients as part of our Octo software package. For logistical purposes this feature is brilliant. It means that client/candidate contact can be made from anywhere in the world. For candidates, it is great as they can record their interview at a time that suits them. For clients, it is a great way of not having to book days out of their busy schedule to do face to face interviews and they can shortlist from those that have impressed. Which is important financially for any business. Clients can also use 360® cameras to showcase the working environment in which the successful applicant will be working in. The list is endless to what recruiters can do with video and it certainly looks like the one tool which will be used most.

Social Media 

With the arrival of recruiting through Facebook, more and more people will be looking for a new position via social media. The social media giant recently stated that they will add an ‘’Apply Now’’ button to their pages app. With LinkedIn, currently being the market leader when recruiting through social media will Facebook be rivalling it in the next twelve months, only time will tell. Recruiters need to get wise to this and will need to introduce their own methods as the talent pool and reach on Facebook has massive potential.


I never thought that I would be writing this, but can you imagine doing an interview in ten seconds?……………Exactly neither can I. But the truth is that this is already being implemented by McDonalds in Australia. Snapchat users download the McDonalds geofilter which comes complete with hat and badge and film a ten second ‘’Snaplication’’. The HR team will then filter through the ones who they believe would be good additions to their work force. Once they have been shortlisted, candidates will be directed through to McDonalds career site to complete an application form. If you think about it, it is a great tool and targeting the right audience. The fast food giant currently employs over 106,000 Australians with 65 per cent being under 18 years of age. In Australia, Snapchat has over 4 million daily users of which 82 per cent are young people. I can see this catching on with more and more global brands targeting a younger audience when it comes to recruitment.


Text messaging has been a part of our lives since the introduction of mobile phones in the late 1990’s and is probably more popular now than it ever has been with the likes of ‘’Whatsapp’’, ‘’iMessage’’ and ‘’Facebook Messenger’’ being used on a daily basis.  Whatsapp has over one billion users Worldwide and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.  Using this platform during office hours would certainly benefit those who cannot answer a phone call. The use of instant messaging to offer job interviews and reminders will become the norm.  The beauty of Whatsapp is that it is FREE and global and you can see when the person has received and read the message.

SMS technology is not a new thing but it is evolving and is being used more effectively for business use. Take for instance the SMS service that Blue Octopus provides as part of our Octo software. When booking a candidate in for interview, not only will candidates receive a confirmation email but a text reminder will be sent to the mobile number linked to the candidates account. This will be sent out the evening before if the interview is before 12pm or at 9am if the interview is in the afternoon.

Octo Recruitment Technology

The recent upgrades to Octo recruitment software provided by Blue Octopus, showcases many features which will aid both the client and candidate recruitment experience.

New Features:

SMS Reminders: SMS candidate alerts are an excellent feature for reducing the drop off rate of candidates going for interview. An interview reminder is automatically sent to the candidate to remind them of the upcoming interview and the time it is scheduled for.

Video Interviews: Video interviews allow candidates to submit videos for specific questions which have been assigned by the recruiting manager. The candidate will be able to answer questions just as they would do in an interview then the recruiter can review the interview at a convenient time.

Candidate Interview Self Booking: You short list the candidates for interview and tell Octo when you are available. Then the candidates can easily book themselves in!

We are always updating our software and improving the features within Octo. If this is of interest, please get in touch here and one of our team will happily demo our recruitment technology to you.

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