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Easy as A-Z: Your guide to top-notch interview preparation

Picture this. You’ve found a role you’re perfect for – your skills match up and your experience is on point – so you put together an application form. In fact, it’s an awesome application form and it scores you an interview. Get in! But then you get a little cocky.…

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How Blue Octopus is improving the candidate experience

Blue Octopus is currently launching its new candidate experience. But what do we mean by 'candidate experience', and why does it matter? What we're releasing is a new process for candidates to apply for jobs which is simple, modern, and is quick to use. A positive application experience is a…

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Why your recruitment process should be transparent to candidates

Most of us can agree in principle that a vital part in providing almost any service, is the ability to be honest and open with those you work with. Unfortunately, from the candidate perspective, many recruiters seem to hinder more than help. While their job is to help people get…

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Why you need top recruitment software in your HR department

While your business is built more and more on the latest technological trends, there’s a good chance that your recruitment procedures are falling behind. Many HR departments lack the tools to make easy work out of hiring procedures. Instead they opt to go through the arduous procedure of putting out…

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