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Jobspotting: New year, new job search

Join a gym. Give up alcohol. Start a budget. Quit smoking. Be polite. Learn something new. Stop procrastinating. Be confident. Write a blog. Travel. Choose your future. Choose your career. Choose a better job search. Choose success. Maybe you were on the hunt pre-Christmas, maybe you’ve been spurred on by the promise of…

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The shortest careers in history and what we can learn from them

The Donald Trump era of America is well and truly in full swing, after he was sworn in to office on January 20th, 2017. During his election campaign, his manifesto was based around a number of things and some of them have already come to fruition in the seven or…

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Why choose a career in manufacturing?

There's good news for anyone considering going into manufacturing: the sector is growing. In fact, it's expected that well over a million vacancies will be created over the next few years. Thinking of starting a new career in manufacturing? Here are the top reasons why the perfect time to get…

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You’ve got your GCSEs: what next?

Today is results day for hundreds of thousands of GCSE students up and down the UK – perhaps you're one of them. If you didn't get the results you were hoping for, or even if you did, you might well be wondering what your next steps should be to obtain…

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Case Study – What we do for Cats Protection

Blue Octopus works with a huge range of organisations from all industries to help them with their recruitment needs. For each client, we carefully consider their needs and provide tailored packages where needed to maximise their recruitment potential. Let's take a look at what we've achieved in just a year…

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What are the red flags you can’t ignore from a candidate?

You will very rarely find the perfect candidate for a role, so as an HR professional part of your job will be to decide which of the applicants has the 'least bad' drawbacks associated with them. This is a process that at its worst can be drawn out for months…

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The best jobs in the world?

Not sure where your next career opportunity lies? It's not easy to decide what you should do for a living, so to help you make your decision, we're taking a look at what are often perceived to be some of the best jobs out there. As amazing as some of…

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Why choose nursing as a career?

Some would say nursing is one of the most worthwhile careers out there – how many jobs are there where your role is to save people's lives? Though it's an enormous commitment, both in training and in practice, anyone in medicine could tell you just how valuable they are to…

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The benefits of a careers microsite

It’s no secret that the job seeking process is now mainly an online experience for most candidates...those newspaper adverts are as much an antique as Uncle Sam’s recruitment posters. With this evolution, online recruitment companies like Blue Octopus are able to offer clients a comprehensive services so that expensive agency…

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