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How to write an outstanding personal profile for your CV in 5 steps

Bear in mind that you won’t be presenting your CV in person; it will go ahead in lieu of you. Therefore, you need it to shout about you when you can’t be there to toot your own trumpet. The personal profile section on your CV is the ideal place to…

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The dreaded CV writing experience!

Sometimes writing a CV is the hardest part of looking for a job; creating a document that reflects you and your abilities in all their glory is a very hard task to get right. A lot of people can feel foxed at the first hurdle of job seeking and although…

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Top Ten Tips for Creating a Stand-Out CV

1- Be honest Your CV is essentially the tool by which you make your first impression with an employer, as such; you need to make sure it does you justice. At the other end of the spectrum, it is absolutely imperative that you don’t lie about your experience, education or…

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Job Hunting Tips

Following on from the great response to our first interview with Director Liam Coleman I asked him for some snippets of advice about taking some of the stress and hassle out of job hunting. Given the current economic climate and widespread worries with regard to the job market, many are…

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