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Case Study – How we transformed Tameside College’s recruitment

We've saved hundreds of companies significant amounts of money on their recruitment over the years. We recently showed you what we've done for animal welfare charity Cats Protection…and here's how we've helped out Tameside College. Prior to coming on board with Blue Octopus in 2013, Tameside College used a combination…

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60 Second Interview: Sue Lewis, HR Manager @ The Manchester College

Blue Octopus recently caught up with Sue Lewis, HR Manager at the Manchester College. Sue has been with the College, one of Europe's largest, for over five years and had plenty to say when we asked for her thoughts on recruitment in the further education sector. Over to Sue... What…

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Writing a CV when you’ve got no work experience

Everyone knows that to get a job, you need among many other things, a strong CV. Your CV will be a rundown of all your work skills and experience, but what if you don’t have a lot or any work experience to speak of? It’s a problem that most people…

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6 of the hardest roles to recruit for

Just as some jobs are easier to do than others, some are easier to recruit for than others. Picking someone to work in a role is a hard job in itself, as so much rests on the final decision and the perfect candidate, with all the skills and experience needed,…

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Will longer school days prepare children for working life?

The Department for Education is suggesting that state schools should extend the school day in order to bring them into balance with public schools and prepare young people for working life. Every state school in the country will be asked to consider having children turn up earlier in the day,…

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How to find a summer job

As the academic year draws to a close and summer begins it's the perfect time for students to explore opportunities for temporary work. Taking on a seasonal job is a great way to bolster your finances and at the same time gain invaluable work experience as well as building useful…

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University or Career: What is the best choice for your future?

Have you decided on your future? As the closing date for applying to many university courses gets closer (15th January), the pressure of choosing whether to go to university or start employment increases and it can be daunting, but here are some key points to consider that may help you…

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Youth Unemployment Causes Concerns For Jobseekers

Youth unemployment is a major cause for concern in the UK. Will the future for youngsters include poor education and having to sign up for Job Seeker’s Allowance? With youth unemployment hovering just below 1 million, many people believe it’s time for the government to take action to get youths…

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What is the Government Apprenticeship Scheme?

The concept of the apprentice harks back to a time when vocations were the only real option; from apprentice blacksmiths through to apprentice grocers; apprenticeship was a means of learning a trade and forging a future. The apprenticeship scheme has been recently revamped and brought very much up to date…

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