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GDPR Update: Blue Octopus is now fully compliant

As the Easter Bunny was busy delivering eggs all over the UK this weekend, we thought it was a good time to let you know we’ve recently ‘delivered’ ourselves – we’re now fully GDPR compliant! And if that’s not something worth celebrating, we’re not sure what is. The General Data…

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How to look for work – while working

It's always a struggle to find a great job that pays well and that you'll enjoy for years to come. It's doubly hard to find the perfect job when you're also trying to hide your search from a current employer. Many people prefer to apply for work while already in…

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Is the employment crisis over?

The last seven years have not been good for the economy. When unemployment reached a high of more than 8.5% percent, there were times when it was hard to see how Britain was ever going to get back to work. Despite that however, we have been gradually bouncing back. It's…

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The rise of zero-hours contracts

The number of workers on zero-hours contracts has risen steadily over the past few years. There are now 744,000 people working on these contracts in the UK. But what are they, and are they a good thing for employees? A zero-hours contract is an employment contract that doesn’t guarantee a…

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Is the NHS getting ripped off by employment agencies?

This week we learned that the NHS has been wildly overspending on medical personnel from employment agencies. The service has always gone to recruitment agencies to find staff including doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, allied health professionals and more. Often they're needed at short notice just to cover a shift during busy…

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Making an awesome employer brand in five easy steps

Employer branding is the process that promotes a company or organisation for the ability to hire and retain staff. A company with a strong employer brand will have an outstanding reputation at dealing with staff…this could be related to the benefits that are offered or just down to the fact…

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Yorkshire created more jobs than all of France

Among the news delivered in last Wednesday's Budget, George Osborne made a fantastic announcement: that employment in Yorkshire has increased more than in an entire European country. The chancellor said, "And which county has created more jobs than the whole of France? The great county of Yorkshire." We were thrilled,…

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10 ways students can impress employers

This guest post is authored by Lauren Ferguson, Career Development Adviser at the University of Stirling. Graduate employers notice students who are proactive in taking opportunities and have a range of experience. How many of these have you done? Work or study abroad Employers are impressed by candidates who have spent…

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Will longer school days prepare children for working life?

The Department for Education is suggesting that state schools should extend the school day in order to bring them into balance with public schools and prepare young people for working life. Every state school in the country will be asked to consider having children turn up earlier in the day,…

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