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How to spring clean your job search

Spring is the perfect time of the year to re-assess your career prospects and apply for new opportunities. Candidates often get set in their ways and try to mass target their job applications, this really isn’t the best way to approach a job search and can be detrimental at times.…

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How LinkedIn can help you find a job

Any serious job seeker should sign up with the world's largest professional social network, LinkedIn. While it's packed with features to help candidates connect with employers, it's not used nearly as much as it could be considering how handy it is. If you're a job seeker who is not yet…

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My New Year’s resolution – get a new job!

Every year millions of people make resolutions that are broken in a matter of days, the most common one is to ‘Get Fit’ and this is also the one that tends to be broken first.  But if yours is to get a new job, then you should defiantly stick to…

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Finding a Job in a Competitive Market

Unemployment is unbelievably high in the UK as fewer job positions are emerging. According to Fresh Business Thinking, UK employers are reluctant to hire new employees which, combined with public sector cuts, could spell an increase in unemployment figures. This is bad news for those who are currently job seeking…

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