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4 social networks you didn’t know could be used for recruitment

Something that recruiters often forget is that job boards and online recruitment agencies are not the only places where potential job applicants can be found. Candidates are just people after all, going places and using services that anyone else would. Recruitment advertisements on Facebook and Twitter are quite common now,…

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The things no-one tells you about succeeding in your first job

The world of work is quite different from that of school, or even university. If you go into work with the same habits that got you through life as a student, you're likely to be in for a shock. Your first job, and every job that comes after it, will…

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Would you employ someone who just passed their GCSEs?

It’s at around this time of year that masses of school and university graduates enter the job market. Employers looking for newly qualified young people are positively spoilt for choice, and yet young people remain among the most underemployed groups in the workforce. Many employers tend to view young people…

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How to find a summer job

As the academic year draws to a close and summer begins it's the perfect time for students to explore opportunities for temporary work. Taking on a seasonal job is a great way to bolster your finances and at the same time gain invaluable work experience as well as building useful…

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Life skills for young people

What will help you get employed in 2014? Many young people have skills and qualifications from their education, but unfortunately still find it hard to begin their professional career. So what is the key to achieving success? Firstly let’s take a look at what may be going wrong. In a…

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Highest Earning Graduates – Some (Just For Fun) Statistics

With such widespread discussion about the repercussions of the government’s plans to dramatically increase tuition fees, we thought it best to get at least vaguely involved. Wishing to stay out of such controversial politics however, we are instead going to look at the more optimistic side of university education: the…

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