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4 Ways to Make Employees feel Valued in your Organisation

One of the most common reasons people leave their jobs is because they feel undervalued in the organisation they work for. With such high unemployment rates it’s easy for some employers and management staff to let their standards slip when it comes to valuing employees, as they respond with “there’s…

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Engage: The Visionary all-seeing Recruitment System from Blue Octopus

Blue Octopus, the no nonsense flat fee recruitment company has developed a visionary recruitment system specially created and designed for its clients to have an all seeing instantaneous view of all recruitment activity. Uniquely, Engage Recruitment Technology™, allows a total and instantly updated overview of all job applicants: which to…

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Prepare For Growth in 2011

For many companies 2011 is something of a ‘make or break’ year. With the recession finally making way for a time of potential growth, now is the time for ambitious organisations to push for expansion, growth and success. An essential aspect of corporate success lies in the recruitment of the…

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Recruitment Outsourcing: An Introduction

Recruitment outsourcing is the utilisation of a specialist external organisation for the sourcing and hiring of staff. Their task is to perform all aspects of the recruitment process; from profiling through to the advancement of candidates to the interview stage. Increasing numbers of businesses are turning to external recruitment companies…

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