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10 benefits of using one-way video interviews to recruit

One-way video interview software is becoming a popular part of the recruitment process. Why? Because the benefits – to employers and candidates alike – are plentiful. It’s a simple idea, but a nifty one too. Hiring managers set questions (customising thinking time, answering time and the number of opportunities to…

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5 things the best job seekers don’t ask in interviews (and what they say instead)

The job interview is the perfect time not just to answer questions but to ask them too. If you're considering spending the next few years of your career with an employer, you must have all kinds of questions about the role, responsibilities, working culture and more. But while the interview…

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A chat with David Gawthorpe, Head of Sales & Training

We sat down for a few moments with the newest arrival to the Blue Octopus team, David Gawthorpe (Head of Sales & Training). It's a brand new role and we thought we'd find out a little about what it will involve, as well as what makes David tick! Over to…

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How to pass an unusual interview

Normally you know what to expect from a job interview – you turn up with a suit and a smile, talk about your passion for the company, and try not to fall down the stairs on your way out. Sometimes however you arrive at an interview that really throws you for…

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How To Create A Kick Ass Design Portfolio That Will Get Noticed

In this guest post, Hannah from Doxzoo tells us all about compiling an awesome portfolio to help you showcase your creative skills in job interviews. Over to Hannah... The design industry is fierce, which is why it is vital to have a kick ass portfolio up your sleeve to help…

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10 interview clichés that job seekers must avoid

In this guest post, Ayman Fazeli, business writer at Begbies Traynor, provides his thoughts on how trotting out the same old sayings can result in talking yourself out of a job. Some phrases once thought cool and trendy are now seen as worn and corny. In such an important setting…

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A chat with Abbie Wellens, Client Delivery Manager at Blue Octopus

We recently had a sit down, a brew and a chat with Abbie Wellens, Blue Octopus' newly promoted Client Delivery Manager, to find out more about her role and what makes her tick. Over to Abbie... Firstly Abbie, when did you join Blue Octopus and what did your role involve?…

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Employ people who are better than you: 4 tips from top recruiters

We all want to improve our recruitment, and who better to learn from than some of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time? A company is defined by the quality of its staff, so you can be sure they know a thing or two about picking the very best people…

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Beyond salary: what to consider before accepting a job

It can often be extremely difficult to work out whether a job on offer is actually a good deal or not: sometimes it's downright impossible. There are so many factors that determine whether a job is a good fit that it's not unheard of for a person to take months…

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