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How to nail the interview (A Blue Octopus Infographic)

There are so many things you have to know when you go to your job interview, and many ways you could end up getting it wrong. Our infographic shows what you need to keep in mind.

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How to match your CV to the job

In a competitive job market such as this one, it's vital to make sure your application is as focused as it can be. A big part of that is tailoring your CV to the job you're applying for. A different revision of your CV for each application – this could…

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What are the red flags you can’t ignore from a candidate?

You will very rarely find the perfect candidate for a role, so as an HR professional part of your job will be to decide which of the applicants has the 'least bad' drawbacks associated with them. This is a process that at its worst can be drawn out for months…

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10 interview clichés that job seekers must avoid

In this guest post, Ayman Fazeli, business writer at Begbies Traynor, provides his thoughts on how trotting out the same old sayings can result in talking yourself out of a job. Some phrases once thought cool and trendy are now seen as worn and corny. In such an important setting…

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Where is recruitment going in 2015?

We may be only a few weeks into 2015, but already some trends for the year are becoming clear. If you can recognise what the near future holds in the online recruitment industry, you can refine your hiring strategy to meet it. To help our clients stay ahead, we've asked…

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How to scare away top talent

If you find that fewer top candidates are responding to your job ads, you might be scaring them away. This Halloween is a great time to think about whether your application procedure is more trick than treat, or whether candidates take one look at your job adverts and get chills…

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How to apply for a job you’re not qualified for

Sometimes your job hunt leads you to the perfect role…that just happens to be above your level. Maybe it calls for one or two skills that you don’t have yet, or you believe the knowledge of a field makes up for a lack of experience. If you sincerely think it’d…

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3 reasons to walk out of a job interview

Most of us have had bad job interviews – some are actually downright horrible. But don’t you have to sit through each and every one, no matter what? Not necessarily – if you strongly feel an interview is a waste of your time, you have the option of excusing yourself…

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Are there glaring errors in your CV?

Your CV is the backbone of your job application – the thing that will do the most to answer the question “why are you right for this job?” Job applicants should do what they can to make sure their CV is as good as it can be, and yet still,…

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