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Jobspotting: New year, new job search

Join a gym. Give up alcohol. Start a budget. Quit smoking. Be polite. Learn something new. Stop procrastinating. Be confident. Write a blog. Travel. Choose your future. Choose your career. Choose a better job search. Choose success. Maybe you were on the hunt pre-Christmas, maybe you’ve been spurred on by the promise of…

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4 unusual ways people found a job

Many people are struggling to find work at the moment. Fine tuning your CV and improving your interviewing strategy will get you a long way, but for some, that wasn't enough and so they've resorted to ingenious and innovative ways of catching employers’ attention. Here are some of the most…

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The 5 Things You Could Be Doing Wrong In Job Interviews

Many people find job interviews the hardest part of the job hunting process. While it can be difficult talking to a stranger about why you are the best person they will be able to find for the role, it is usually vital that you succeed in this respect. The saving…

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4 tips for using social media while job hunting

Most of us would prefer to keep our work and personal lives separate. When you’re working, or looking for a job, the aim is generally to present yourself more professionally than when you’re out with your friends or even just sitting around at home. Social media sites such as Twitter…

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Life skills for young people

What will help you get employed in 2014? Many young people have skills and qualifications from their education, but unfortunately still find it hard to begin their professional career. So what is the key to achieving success? Firstly let’s take a look at what may be going wrong. In a…

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Facebook for Recruitment

Facebook is the second largest used website behind Google. It has over 1.2 billion active users per month and still continues to grow. So why wouldn’t you utilise this potential candidate pool and market your recruitment on the social network? You would be missing a massive audience if you were…

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Top tips when looking for a new career

A brand New Year means a fresh start and an opportunity to look for a new direction in your career path. Not one to leave you alone out there in the scary job world all by yourselves, Blue Octopus are here with 8 easy tips to help give you the…

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This Christmas, do you want to turn that temp job into a permanent role?

Many employers will be hiring extra staff to deal with the increased footfall in shops during the holiday season, although for the majority this will only be on a part-time/temporary basis. However this can be a great way to get a job if you have been struggling for work and…

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The dreaded CV writing experience!

Sometimes writing a CV is the hardest part of looking for a job; creating a document that reflects you and your abilities in all their glory is a very hard task to get right. A lot of people can feel foxed at the first hurdle of job seeking and although…

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