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5 things the best job seekers don’t ask in interviews (and what they say instead)

The job interview is the perfect time not just to answer questions but to ask them too. If you're considering spending the next few years of your career with an employer, you must have all kinds of questions about the role, responsibilities, working culture and more. But while the interview…

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How to nail the interview (A Blue Octopus Infographic)

There are so many things you have to know when you go to your job interview, and many ways you could end up getting it wrong. Our infographic shows what you need to keep in mind.

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How to pass an unusual interview

Normally you know what to expect from a job interview – you turn up with a suit and a smile, talk about your passion for the company, and try not to fall down the stairs on your way out. Sometimes however you arrive at an interview that really throws you for…

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10 interview clichés that job seekers must avoid

In this guest post, Ayman Fazeli, business writer at Begbies Traynor, provides his thoughts on how trotting out the same old sayings can result in talking yourself out of a job. Some phrases once thought cool and trendy are now seen as worn and corny. In such an important setting…

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Why you should list salary on your job ads

Job seekers always find it helpful to know how much a job pays before they apply. So why do employers and recruiters so often neglect to mention a figure in the advert? There are all kinds of reasons an employer might want to withhold that information; perhaps they want to…

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3 reasons to walk out of a job interview

Most of us have had bad job interviews – some are actually downright horrible. But don’t you have to sit through each and every one, no matter what? Not necessarily – if you strongly feel an interview is a waste of your time, you have the option of excusing yourself…

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4 inappropriate interview questions (and how to answer them)

To succeed in interviews for jobs today, you need to be prepared for almost any question that comes up. Some are just a little tricky or unusual, but in addition to knowing how to answer an odd question about your skills or experience, it’s important also to be prepared for…

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The 5 Things You Could Be Doing Wrong In Job Interviews

Many people find job interviews the hardest part of the job hunting process. While it can be difficult talking to a stranger about why you are the best person they will be able to find for the role, it is usually vital that you succeed in this respect. The saving…

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Interview tips: What not to do!

Interviews can be extremely nerve-wracking and tense situations; you always want to make the best impression possible for yourself and hopefully get offered the job. The 10 points below are what not to do in an interview situation, so if you royally want to mess up your interview, just follow…

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