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Jobspotting: New year, new job search

Join a gym. Give up alcohol. Start a budget. Quit smoking. Be polite. Learn something new. Stop procrastinating. Be confident. Write a blog. Travel. Choose your future. Choose your career. Choose a better job search. Choose success. Maybe you were on the hunt pre-Christmas, maybe you’ve been spurred on by the promise of…

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Batten down the hatches, there’s a job seeker storm brewing

The recent weather systems that have battered the Caribbean, Cuba and Miami just go to show that Mother Nature isn’t a force to be reckoned with. Hurricanes come in all shapes and sizes. The same can be said about job seekers and their job applications. Are you a Harvey, Irma,…

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How to write an outstanding personal profile for your CV in 5 steps

Bear in mind that you won’t be presenting your CV in person; it will go ahead in lieu of you. Therefore, you need it to shout about you when you can’t be there to toot your own trumpet. The personal profile section on your CV is the ideal place to…

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Vacancy Benefits, Postcode Searching and Fully Responsive Client Adverts! New Year, New Website.

We are in to the process of rolling out some key features within Octo and the Blue Octopus website. The features are being introduced to improve vacancy reach, client recruitment branding and candidate attraction – and will be launched early in the new year and we’re all very excited! Hawk…

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PR: Octo Recruitment Technology Is Here!

Yorkshire-based online recruitment company Blue Octopus has now launched its web-based end-to-end recruitment technology ‘Octo’. Octo enables companies to have total control of their vacancies leading to better hires and a more streamlined recruitment experience. Octo is an advanced candidate management system that provides a range of tools for companies…

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What if no-one’s responding to your job ad

After a rough few years, more and more people are finally taking up work…so it’s easy to believe that simply posting an ad is enough to get jobseekers beating a path to your door. Many employers are therefore surprised to find that after they took the time to write up…

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Interview tips: What not to do!

Interviews can be extremely nerve-wracking and tense situations; you always want to make the best impression possible for yourself and hopefully get offered the job. The 10 points below are what not to do in an interview situation, so if you royally want to mess up your interview, just follow…

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5 Sure-fire Ways to Mess up a Job Interview

Whether it’s your first interview or just another one of many, there’s always a chance that you’ll mess up. Even the most seasoned, professional interviewees have experienced a bad interview where they’ve left with their tail between their legs. Employers are wise to the fact that interviewees experience immense pressure…

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