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Five jobs that weren’t around fifteen years ago

The major news stories of 2002 included the nation saying goodbye to the Queen Mother, who sadly passed away at the age of 101; Rio Ferdinand becoming the most expensive British transfer when he made the switch from Leeds United to Manchester United for £30 million; the nation was introduced…

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What are your recruitment New Year’s Resolutions?

How are your New Year's Resolutions going? Less than a week into 2016, we hope you're able to say you're staying on track. As you head back to work in 2016, you might start thinking about things you could be doing differently in your online recruitment. After all, if you're…

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The top 5 jobs of the future

When you're planning a career path to follow for the next fifty years, you'll want to be sure of choosing something that lasts. Of course it's hard to know what jobs are likely to be around further down the line, but there are plenty of industries that will doubtless not only…

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How To Create A Kick Ass Design Portfolio That Will Get Noticed

In this guest post, Hannah from Doxzoo tells us all about compiling an awesome portfolio to help you showcase your creative skills in job interviews. Over to Hannah... The design industry is fierce, which is why it is vital to have a kick ass portfolio up your sleeve to help…

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Jobs for the New Year

As the New Year quickly approaches, people look towards that stroke of midnight with intentions of changing their life for the better. Whether they plan to finally book that dream holiday that they have always talked about, cut out old habits to replace them with better ones or renovate their…

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A Look At UK Unemployment Statistics

Current Unemployment It’s no secret that Britain is struggling to repair itself as a result of the recession. Government cuts are leaving people with no other option than to claim benefits and battle to find work. Unemployment rates are still high although they decreased by 17000 between January 2011 and…

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