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3 ways to avoid burning out at work

If you’re feeling the stress of work, are becoming tired and feeling demotivated, it might be a sign that you’re close to burning out. It’s important to take action on this to help you get your motivation and wellbeing back on track. It’s essential you don’t brush these worries aside…

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Six-hour days: the solution to fatigue at work?

Much has been written in the past week about some Swedish companies' new approach to work-life balance. A number of employers, both public and private, are experimenting with cutting the working day to six hours. This is in an effort to help employees stave off fatigue at work, and get the most…

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5 ways to motivate your employees on a Monday morning

Keeping your staff happy and engaged can be tricky, especially on a Monday. While some of us can quite happily get right back in the saddle after a weekend, most people do need a bit of extra time to get out of the weekend mindset and really get things done.…

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The 5 best productivity hacks

Are you accomplishing as much as you could in your day? By upping your productivity, you can get more done in less time, meaning you don't need to work long into the evening just to be able to say you've done a good day's work. Getting more done isn't always…

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Why your team shouldn’t be ‘always on’

It's easier than ever to work away from the office: after all, we all have phones and tablets loaded with powerful apps, not to mention access to 3G or wifi everywhere. Whether it's quickly checking email or writing a ten thousand word report entirely with your thumbs, it's getting easier…

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How to work from home and stay productive

Who doesn't want to work from home? With no boss breathing down your neck and the option to take extra-long lunch breaks, most of us have thought about how much freedom we'd get if we stayed in more. On a more practical note, staying in allows you to take care…

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4 reasons to go paperless in your HR department

As Yorkshire's top online recruitment company, we're big believers in the principle that online is always better. When you carry on your work on computers and devices, in nearly every case you'll find it gets done better, cheaper, faster and more efficiently. So while we tell our clients that online…

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How does an ATS serve your recruitment needs?

One of the most challenging parts of recruitment can be keeping track of all the applications and roles that you’re supposed to be dealing with. It’s all too easy to get snowed under – that is, if you’re not a machine or failing that, if you’ve not got the technology…

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6 ways to have happier staff

Unhappiness at work can be a serious problem, though the scale and impact is often underestimated. Nearly half of us are unhappy at work, and staff who are dissatisfied for whatever reason can have a detrimental effect on your organisation as a whole. Even just one unmotivated employee may be: less…

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