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What is online recruitment?

There was a time when job hunters would scour the pages of their local paper or industry magazine for their next career move but times have moved on and, in this an era of internet job sites and job boards, online recruitment is enabling employers and candidates to manage most…

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What a recruiter really wants for Christmas!

As the end of 2015 approaches, I think we can all agree that we’re in need of a nice long holiday and some cracking gifts to go along with it. Christmas is nearly upon us and we can’t wait to see what’s under the tree this year.perbandingan smartphone While many…

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The worst job adverts we’ve ever seen

Ideally a job advert will be able to inform candidates as to whether it's worth applying for a job or not. Sounds simple enough, however there are some ads that would make almost anyone want to avoid an employer forever. Whether they're obnoxious, condescending or just plain outrageous, here are the…

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Are you limiting your recruitment potential with an in-house team?

There are many different ways to conduct recruitment today. From agencies and RPO to specialist online recruiters and in-house teams, all kinds of options are out there, and many employers combine two or more methods. Companies often prefer to use their own team, but is this the best approach? There's…

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Is the NHS getting ripped off by employment agencies?

This week we learned that the NHS has been wildly overspending on medical personnel from employment agencies. The service has always gone to recruitment agencies to find staff including doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, allied health professionals and more. Often they're needed at short notice just to cover a shift during busy…

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Why do we offer the best recruitment in Leeds?

We're not the only recruitment specialists in Leeds - far from it, in fact. There are many in the area, and very many more nationwide who handle recruitment all over the country. Our clients choose us however, and an impressive amount of them renew (86% at last count!) Why are they convinced…

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What’s different about Blue Octopus?

Every good business should offer something different from the competition; customers don't see value in a company that offers the same services and experiences as everyone else. So when you're considering using a recruitment company, it helps to be able to see what each one does differently from the rest,…

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Why choose flat-fee online recruitment?

Recruitment agencies are a very popular method of finding work. They act as a kind of middleman between candidates and employers, their aim being to match one with the other to create the perfect fit. It’s a simple model, and it works well enough – the recruitment industry in the…

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