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The Octo Onboarding feature is here!

  Once you have made an offer do you struggle with the next stage of ‘onboarding’? If so, Blue Octopus have created an outstanding addition to the Octo First Class suite ‘Onboarding’. This new feature will create a smooth transition from making an offer to getting that new employee through…

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What a recruiter really wants for Christmas!

As the end of 2015 approaches, I think we can all agree that we’re in need of a nice long holiday and some cracking gifts to go along with it. Christmas is nearly upon us and we can’t wait to see what’s under the tree this year.perbandingan smartphone While many…

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4 social networks you didn’t know could be used for recruitment

Something that recruiters often forget is that job boards and online recruitment agencies are not the only places where potential job applicants can be found. Candidates are just people after all, going places and using services that anyone else would. Recruitment advertisements on Facebook and Twitter are quite common now,…

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Octo Recruitment Technology – Advanced Talent Pool Feature Launch

Talent Projects - use project folders and organise your talent like a head hunter! With the New Year come new features, and Blue Octopus is excited to tell you about the latest addition to its outstanding recruitment technology solution. New to Octo is the Talent Projects feature which helps employers…

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What’s different about Blue Octopus?

Every good business should offer something different from the competition; customers don't see value in a company that offers the same services and experiences as everyone else. So when you're considering using a recruitment company, it helps to be able to see what each one does differently from the rest,…

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The benefits of a careers microsite

It’s no secret that the job seeking process is now mainly an online experience for most candidates...those newspaper adverts are as much an antique as Uncle Sam’s recruitment posters. With this evolution, online recruitment companies like Blue Octopus are able to offer clients a comprehensive services so that expensive agency…

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Recruitment in the Age of Technology

Technological advances appear to emerge with ever accelerating regularity, from developments in communication through to pioneering development in toothbrushes – technology continues to augment our daily practices with barely a pause. This technological evolution doesn’t only impact upon our personal lives but also the professional and corporate side of things.…

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Engage: The Visionary all-seeing Recruitment System from Blue Octopus

Blue Octopus, the no nonsense flat fee recruitment company has developed a visionary recruitment system specially created and designed for its clients to have an all seeing instantaneous view of all recruitment activity. Uniquely, Engage Recruitment Technology™, allows a total and instantly updated overview of all job applicants: which to…

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