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The secrets of reading job adverts

If you're applying for work right now, you'll be looking at a lot of job ads. And you may have noticed that a lot of these adverts follow the same templates, using the same terms, being laid out in the same way and giving similar details – even across industries…

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How can your smartphone help you recruit?

In the ever-changing and sometimes complicated world of online recruitment, you need the proper tools to help you stay ahead of the competition. One of the most powerful pieces of kit you could need is literally at your fingertips for most of the day – your mobile phone. With such…

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Why do we offer the best recruitment in Leeds?

We're not the only recruitment specialists in Leeds - far from it, in fact. There are many in the area, and very many more nationwide who handle recruitment all over the country. Our clients choose us however, and an impressive amount of them renew (86% at last count!) Why are they convinced…

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Beyond salary: what to consider before accepting a job

It can often be extremely difficult to work out whether a job on offer is actually a good deal or not: sometimes it's downright impossible. There are so many factors that determine whether a job is a good fit that it's not unheard of for a person to take months…

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2015 shaping up to be the year of the candidate

There is no doubt that 2015 is already proving to be an interesting year in recruitment. With changes in website ranking on mobile devices being rolled out by Google on the 21st April, and an increased need to create an outstanding candidate experience, it is clear that recruiters are going…

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60 Second Interview: Sue Lewis, HR Manager @ The Manchester College

Blue Octopus recently caught up with Sue Lewis, HR Manager at the Manchester College. Sue has been with the College, one of Europe's largest, for over five years and had plenty to say when we asked for her thoughts on recruitment in the further education sector. Over to Sue... What…

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Yorkshire created more jobs than all of France

Among the news delivered in last Wednesday's Budget, George Osborne made a fantastic announcement: that employment in Yorkshire has increased more than in an entire European country. The chancellor said, "And which county has created more jobs than the whole of France? The great county of Yorkshire." We were thrilled,…

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The early candidate gets the job!

Believe it or not, it's possible to increase your chances of getting a job, without the need to get more experience, training or skills. All it takes is getting started a little earlier. Being proactive in your job hunt makes it much more likely that you'll see results soon. But what…

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Why your recruitment process should be transparent to candidates

Most of us can agree in principle that a vital part in providing almost any service, is the ability to be honest and open with those you work with. Unfortunately, from the candidate perspective, many recruiters seem to hinder more than help. While their job is to help people get…

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