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The early candidate gets the job!

Believe it or not, it's possible to increase your chances of getting a job, without the need to get more experience, training or skills. All it takes is getting started a little earlier. Being proactive in your job hunt makes it much more likely that you'll see results soon. But what…

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Why your recruitment process should be transparent to candidates

Most of us can agree in principle that a vital part in providing almost any service, is the ability to be honest and open with those you work with. Unfortunately, from the candidate perspective, many recruiters seem to hinder more than help. While their job is to help people get…

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LinkedIn: A beginner’s guide

Earlier this month, we told you about getting the most out of your LinkedIn profile and boosting your presence. However if you have yet to sign up, you probably won't find it that useful…yet. LinkedIn is the most popular and powerful professional network out there, and it can help you…

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4 warning signs from that candidate you’re interviewing

Sometimes it can be very difficult to find a candidate that you're sure is the right fit for the role. An interviewee can present themselves better than anyone else, with all the right qualifications and experience, and still be utterly wrong for the job. Hiring the wrong candidate carries heavy…

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How to fall in love with your job

As we're coming up to Valentine's Day, we have got to thinking about love. And what with being recruitment and HR professionals, our thoughts naturally turned to a major commitment in many people's lives: not their partner, but their career. It's important to love your job, as it's where you…

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Where is recruitment going in 2015?

We may be only a few weeks into 2015, but already some trends for the year are becoming clear. If you can recognise what the near future holds in the online recruitment industry, you can refine your hiring strategy to meet it. To help our clients stay ahead, we've asked…

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How does an ATS serve your recruitment needs?

One of the most challenging parts of recruitment can be keeping track of all the applications and roles that you’re supposed to be dealing with. It’s all too easy to get snowed under – that is, if you’re not a machine or failing that, if you’ve not got the technology…

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Why do over 80% of our clients renew?

Now that we've been in the business for over five years, we can safely say we've attained some success. The Yorkshire online recruitment company Blue Octopus has placed thousands of people in work, registered half a million candidates and consistently smashed its own sales targets. We think one of the best…

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Your recruitment New Year’s Resolutions

Now that Christmas and New Year's Eve are behind us, most of us are looking forward to making a big difference in our lives for 2015. You may have a new year’s resolution – maybe you want to get in shape or drink less – but do you have plans…

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