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The Gender Pay Gap – BBC wages show interesting figures

Who can forget the moment Dirty Den was shot by some daffodils in Eastenders or when Elliot Clark rang up Going Live and asked Five Star, the UK’s wannabe Jackson 5, a crude question. Then, most recently, when Match of The Day presenter Gary Lineker hosted the show in his…

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Guest post: How to ask for a raise

Asking for a raise may fall outside your usual comfort zone but if you don’t ask it’s likely you won’t get what you think you are worth. Here are some tips on getting the raise that you feel you deserve. How often should you expect a raise? Let’s face it,…

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When is it time to change your career?

Giving up your current career path to embrace something else is sometimes seen as a mistake, especially once you have a few years of work experience under your belt. It’s often difficult to crack into a new industry, and while it’s expected that those leaving school or university are approaching…

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Why you should list salary on your job ads

Job seekers always find it helpful to know how much a job pays before they apply. So why do employers and recruiters so often neglect to mention a figure in the advert? There are all kinds of reasons an employer might want to withhold that information; perhaps they want to…

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How to choose between two job offers

It's difficult for many unemployed people to get as many as one job offer right now, so being in a position where you have two can seem too good to be true. As enviable as this position might be, it comes with its own set of problems. Choosing to take…

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The minimum wage is rising – what does it mean?

On the 1st October, one week from today, the national minimum wage will increase to £6.50 per hour. With a million people currently on minimum wage, this increase should be a great help to the quality of life of a significant portion of the working population. The idea of a…

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The top 5 employment perks

When it comes to rewarding employees, salary is not everything. Workplaces are expected to offer certain perks to make working there just a little more enjoyable, and these little bonuses can range from free food to domestic cleaning services. Staff are often willing to accept lower salaries in return for…

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What if no-one’s responding to your job ad

After a rough few years, more and more people are finally taking up work…so it’s easy to believe that simply posting an ad is enough to get jobseekers beating a path to your door. Many employers are therefore surprised to find that after they took the time to write up…

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How can you stop your staff from quitting?

Employee turnover can be a major obstacle to success in business. Keeping staff members on board is not always seen as a major priority, but knowing why people leave is just as important as recruiting the right people in the first place. When a staff member is replaced, money and time…

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