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Recruitment Technology Trends of 2017

The year is 2017 and things are moving at a pace, whether it’s Donald Trump’s America, the trigger of Article 50 by Theresa May or that Leicester City would be Premier League champions and the last English team in the Champions League, things have already changed dramatically since the turn…

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Why you need a responsive careers site

Many companies including LinkedIn are reporting that over 50% of their users are from mobile devices – though Blue Octopus aren't quite at these figures yet, as currently mobiles and tablets make up about 35% of our website traffic. Having said that, the Blue Octopus website has seen almost a 40%…

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Why you should list salary on your job ads

Job seekers always find it helpful to know how much a job pays before they apply. So why do employers and recruiters so often neglect to mention a figure in the advert? There are all kinds of reasons an employer might want to withhold that information; perhaps they want to…

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The benefits of a careers microsite

It’s no secret that the job seeking process is now mainly an online experience for most candidates...those newspaper adverts are as much an antique as Uncle Sam’s recruitment posters. With this evolution, online recruitment companies like Blue Octopus are able to offer clients a comprehensive services so that expensive agency…

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