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Why choose a career in engineering

Engineers have quite literally built the world; more than that, they're building the future too. The skills and expertise that engineers bring are crucial in creating anything from bridges and skyscrapers to hearing aids and mobile phones. For the right kind of person, a career in engineering could hold huge…

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How can your smartphone help you recruit?

In the ever-changing and sometimes complicated world of online recruitment, you need the proper tools to help you stay ahead of the competition. One of the most powerful pieces of kit you could need is literally at your fingertips for most of the day – your mobile phone. With such…

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5 of the best free apps to help with your online recruitment

Apps help us with a huge range of tasks in our personal and work lives. There are more and more apps becoming available to those in online recruitment and to business in general, and so every forward-thinking recruiter should be aware of what’s out there and making the most of…

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