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Blue Octopus wins recruitment award

On point: Blue Octopus wins Onrec award for online recruitment

Last month, we announced that Blue Octopus had been shortlisted in three categories at this year’s Onrec awards. We’re now beyond delighted (and a tad excited) to be able to confirm that we’ve been victorious! At the ceremony on 1 March, held at the Grange St Paul’s Hotel in London,…

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Recruitment Technology Trends of 2017

The year is 2017 and things are moving at a pace, whether it’s Donald Trump’s America, the trigger of Article 50 by Theresa May or that Leicester City would be Premier League champions and the last English team in the Champions League, things have already changed dramatically since the turn…

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Will Facebook be rivalling LinkedIn in the future?

It was announced last week that the social media giant, Facebook will be rolling out its own job posting app to businesses in the USA and Canada. The idea is a simple one, and let’s be honest, I’m surprised that it has taken so long for them to launch this…

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Has LinkedIn lost its way?

Social media sites are great tools for recruitment. And out of all the social networks, LinkedIn is still the most useful for finding a job and for making hires. As super users, we're big fans! Even the most avid LinkedIn users might however have issues with the kind of content…

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4 social networks you didn’t know could be used for recruitment

Something that recruiters often forget is that job boards and online recruitment agencies are not the only places where potential job applicants can be found. Candidates are just people after all, going places and using services that anyone else would. Recruitment advertisements on Facebook and Twitter are quite common now,…

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How Blue Octopus is improving the candidate experience

Blue Octopus is currently launching its new candidate experience. But what do we mean by 'candidate experience', and why does it matter? What we're releasing is a new process for candidates to apply for jobs which is simple, modern, and is quick to use. A positive application experience is a…

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How to send messages on LinkedIn for free

One of the best things about LinkedIn is how it helps you get in touch with new people who can drive your career forward. The ability to send messages to others is a valuable feature, but unfortunately it’s one that LinkedIn will often want to charge you for…that is, unless…

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The three top places to get your job advert seen

The question of where you place your job advert is an important one…some would say it's as important as what the advert actually says.  You might have a really well-crafted advert that showcases the company, boasts about the role and persuades people to get in touch. But if it's posted…

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PR: Blue Octopus Reveals Social Media Recruitment Tool

Award-winning online recruitment company Blue Octopus has completed the in-house development on its powerful social media scheduling hub  – which is to be used to support advertising of clients' job vacancies across multiple social networks. The 'Social Hub' was developed to intelligently combine helpful social media management tools like Hootsuite…

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