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Guest post: How to identify and prevent burnout

It’s difficult to define burnout succinctly and so, even more difficult to intercept it. Most people only realise that they are truly burnt out when it’s too late and then they need to work towards eliminating the symptoms, often while still having to deal with the stresses that caused it…

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Why your team shouldn’t be ‘always on’

It's easier than ever to work away from the office: after all, we all have phones and tablets loaded with powerful apps, not to mention access to 3G or wifi everywhere. Whether it's quickly checking email or writing a ten thousand word report entirely with your thumbs, it's getting easier…

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The types who make mistakes in the workplace: Do you fit the profile?

Everyone makes mistakes, and when you spend up to a third of your life at work some of those mistakes are bound to happen in the workplace. Many kinds of mistakes are forgivable, and some are even expected for those new to their work, but of course it always pays…

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Getting your staff over the January blues

By now, almost all of us are back to work after the Christmas and New Year break. With our resolutions already broken and the cold dark mornings still continuing, you’ll probably find that some of your staff aren’t quite able to enter back in the spirit of work. Far from…

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