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Jobs that will be developed in the next fifteen years?

It doesn’t look like we’ll have flying vehicles and hover boards as was predicted in the film Back to The Future II, although it has recently been reported that in Dubai driveless drone taxis are being tested! Over the coming years we are going to start seeing the introduction of…

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Make your recruitment technology work harder – so you don’t have to!

An innovative recruitment technology solution is an essential tool for any recruitment manager – however, there are many other options on the market so how can you tell if you are getting the most out of your technology solution? Modern recruitment technology can be intuitive and making the recruitment process straight…

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2015 shaping up to be the year of the candidate

There is no doubt that 2015 is already proving to be an interesting year in recruitment. With changes in website ranking on mobile devices being rolled out by Google on the 21st April, and an increased need to create an outstanding candidate experience, it is clear that recruiters are going…

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Where is recruitment going in 2015?

We may be only a few weeks into 2015, but already some trends for the year are becoming clear. If you can recognise what the near future holds in the online recruitment industry, you can refine your hiring strategy to meet it. To help our clients stay ahead, we've asked…

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PR: Octo Recruitment Technology Is Here!

Yorkshire-based online recruitment company Blue Octopus has now launched its web-based end-to-end recruitment technology ‘Octo’. Octo enables companies to have total control of their vacancies leading to better hires and a more streamlined recruitment experience. Octo is an advanced candidate management system that provides a range of tools for companies…

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What advantages can recruitment technology bring to your organisation?

Most parts of our work lives can be improved by introducing technology, and in recruitment and human resources this is definitely the case. On the surface it might seem like technology would be of only limited help in an industry as people-orientated as recruitment. Not many of us would want…

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Why you need top recruitment software in your HR department

While your business is built more and more on the latest technological trends, there’s a good chance that your recruitment procedures are falling behind. Many HR departments lack the tools to make easy work out of hiring procedures. Instead they opt to go through the arduous procedure of putting out…

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Recruitment in the Age of Technology

Technological advances appear to emerge with ever accelerating regularity, from developments in communication through to pioneering development in toothbrushes – technology continues to augment our daily practices with barely a pause. This technological evolution doesn’t only impact upon our personal lives but also the professional and corporate side of things.…

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