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Jobspotting: New year, new job search

Join a gym. Give up alcohol. Start a budget. Quit smoking. Be polite. Learn something new. Stop procrastinating. Be confident. Write a blog. Travel. Choose your future. Choose your career. Choose a better job search. Choose success. Maybe you were on the hunt pre-Christmas, maybe you’ve been spurred on by the promise of…

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5 ways to supercharge your job search in 2017!

The New Year is often the best time to dust of that CV and make a start on those resolutions. Getting a new job is frequently high up on the priority list for a lot of employees which is no surprise considering that 60% of British workers will consider looking…

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Is the employment crisis over?

The last seven years have not been good for the economy. When unemployment reached a high of more than 8.5% percent, there were times when it was hard to see how Britain was ever going to get back to work. Despite that however, we have been gradually bouncing back. It's…

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Yorkshire created more jobs than all of France

Among the news delivered in last Wednesday's Budget, George Osborne made a fantastic announcement: that employment in Yorkshire has increased more than in an entire European country. The chancellor said, "And which county has created more jobs than the whole of France? The great county of Yorkshire." We were thrilled,…

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Do you really need a cover letter?

Putting together a job application can be a time consuming process. If you’re determined to do it right, tweaking your CV for individual roles and including a cover letter, you might not be happy with the volume of applications you actually manage to send off. So it’s fair to wonder:…

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Should you quit your job?

Many people are unhappy in their work, potentially up to half of all workers, so you’re not alone if you don’t much enjoy what you do. If you’ve found you’re not getting enough out of your job, it’s probably crossed your mind at least once that quitting could be the…

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Life skills for young people

What will help you get employed in 2014? Many young people have skills and qualifications from their education, but unfortunately still find it hard to begin their professional career. So what is the key to achieving success? Firstly let’s take a look at what may be going wrong. In a…

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A Look At UK Unemployment Statistics

Current Unemployment It’s no secret that Britain is struggling to repair itself as a result of the recession. Government cuts are leaving people with no other option than to claim benefits and battle to find work. Unemployment rates are still high although they decreased by 17000 between January 2011 and…

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2011 – What Can We Expect?

With the year coming to an end it seems the perfect time to evaluate the state of the recruitment industry and hazard a careful guess as to what next year may hold. 2010 has been a year of change and concern on numerous fronts – with a new government coming…

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