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Tackling mental health in the workplace

It’s Blue Monday – otherwise known as the most depressing day of the year. Why? That gloomy January weather, the return to normality after the festive period and intensified financial pressures all have their part to play. It’s little wonder then that many of us can be left feeling… well,…

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Six-hour days: the solution to fatigue at work?

Much has been written in the past week about some Swedish companies' new approach to work-life balance. A number of employers, both public and private, are experimenting with cutting the working day to six hours. This is in an effort to help employees stave off fatigue at work, and get the most…

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What can you do with these degrees?

Getting a degree is a fantastic way to enhance your ability to get a top job. Many job fields, such as medicine or law, obviously require a specific degree if you want to practice them. But what many young people don't realise as they apply for university is the full…

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Why your team shouldn’t be ‘always on’

It's easier than ever to work away from the office: after all, we all have phones and tablets loaded with powerful apps, not to mention access to 3G or wifi everywhere. Whether it's quickly checking email or writing a ten thousand word report entirely with your thumbs, it's getting easier…

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Employ people who are better than you: 4 tips from top recruiters

We all want to improve our recruitment, and who better to learn from than some of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time? A company is defined by the quality of its staff, so you can be sure they know a thing or two about picking the very best people…

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5 tips on how to survive your office Christmas party

Now that it’s December, it’s beginning to really feel like Christmas is underway. It also means it won’t be long before your work Christmas party. The party is meant to be a time when you can have fun and bond with your colleagues, but it’s also a time when you…

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The top 6 scariest jobs

We all have days when we don’t really look forward to coming into work, but your job probably isn’t that bad when you think about what some other people have to contend with day in and day out. After all, if the worst you have to deal with is angry…

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How to choose between two job offers

It's difficult for many unemployed people to get as many as one job offer right now, so being in a position where you have two can seem too good to be true. As enviable as this position might be, it comes with its own set of problems. Choosing to take…

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How to ace the assessment day

A job interview is a great opportunity for both employers and jobseekers to really get to know each other. But for many roles, a short interview isn’t quite enough as they instead decide to invite in several candidates for one or more assessment days. Assessment days differ hugely in terms…

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