Our digital team have been busy creating the shiny new Blue Octopus site and we are already seeing a positive impact.

The new website has been designed to improve the usability for job seekers and also boasts a long list of improvements such as:

Full Client Branding – All Blue Octopus clients will now notice that their vacancies are fully branded on the new website. We can even customise each role with a bespoke advert along with the individual vacancy page, in-line with the client’s brand colours. If you have any creative ideas for a role that you are advertising, please feel free to speak with your Client Delivery Coordinator.

Vacancy Benefits – Vacancy benefits will be showcased to candidates who view individual roles, this will make vacancies more appealing to job seekers. Be sure to mention any benefits to your Client Delivery Coordinator when advertising a role.

Postcode Vacancy Mapping – Candidates can now pinpoint their location with a Postcode Town or City along with relevant keywords and a set radius to finely tune their job search. This improved method of searching will increase the vacancy reach – getting client vacancies in front of more relevant talent and making candidates aware of the commuting distance for the role.

Shortlist Vacancies and Email them – Candidates can now shortlist roles which they are interested in and review the website at a later date to apply for them. Candidates also have the functionality to email the shortlisted vacancies to themselves or a friend.

Helpful Job Seeker and HR Resources – All our website resources are now available to view on all devices with no restrictions on who views them.

Discover treasure! – Candidates have the opportunity to discover ‘hidden gems’ on the new website. These icons can be found on vacancies based on the number of applications they have had; Treasure being the most valuable (least applications), Hidden Gem next, then Ocean Pearl.

Featured Recruiters – Clients that have multiple vacancies with Blue Octopus will appear in the vacancy page footer as ‘Featured recruiters’, enabling them to extend their vacancies’ reach.

Fully Responsive Site – The Blue Octopus website now fully responsive, meaning that all pages can be viewed on every tablet/mobile device. We have carefully considered the user experience and designed the site with a strong focus on the candidate journey while also promoting the client brand.

Over the next few months we have further developments which will be rolled out. We would love to receive your feedback regarding the new website, feel free to email our Marketing team on eyup@blueoctopus.co.uk


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