The Donald Trump era of America is well and truly in full swing, after he was sworn in to office on January 20th, 2017. During his election campaign, his manifesto was based around a number of things and some of them have already come to fruition in the seven or so months during which he has been in charge. Everyone has an opinion of Trump and his trigger-happy approach and I’m sure his former communications director, Anthony Scaramucci didn’t believe that he would be fired, just ten days in to his new role. In this blog we take a look at some of the shortest job stints in history.

­­Football Manager

Leroy Rosenior holds the record for being the shortest serving football manager in the history of professional football in England, lasting approximately ten minutes in charge. Having been manager of Torquay United for four years in the early 00’s, Rosenior was reappointed as manager in 2007 midway through a takeover. The takeover went through and within ten minutes he was sacked. Football is a funny old game at the best of times, but this is taking it to the next level.

Career Tip: Make sure you do your research when applying for jobs. Could it be that the company you are applying to is on the verge of a takeover? If the takeover was to happen when you were being offered the role, make sure that you know what the new owner’s plans are prior to accepting an offer.

Prime Minister

In 1827, George Canning became the Prime Minister for England. He lasted only 119 days in office. Having been the Foreign Secretary for the previous 20 years, he was voted in to power through a coalition. Canning sadly passed away due to pneumonia, just five months in to his term in charge of the Country. Following his death, he picked up the name ‘lost leader’ as there was much speculation as to what his legacy would’ve been, had he lived.

Career Tip: When taking on a new role, make sure that your general health is good. For the sake of both you and your new employer. There is nothing worse than starting a new role and having to take time off due to health problems, which you knew about, but didn’t tell your new employer during the interview. If you do have any issues which may might affect your working life, be sure to discuss these when you are offered the role.


The shortest reign of any member of The Royal Family goes to Lady Jane Grey. She was Queen of England for approximately nine days in 1553, before being executed by Mary I. When King Edward VI died, Lady Jane was declared Queen even though her cousin Mary I was very popular. ‘Bloody Mary’, as she was known, convinced others to let her take the throne and imprisoned Jane. She was convicted of high treason and sentenced to death, which was initially spared.

Career Tip: Don’t let disputes get in the way of your work performance. Holding on to a grudge with a work colleague never ends well and some cases can involve disciplinary actions. It’s better to talk it over, rather than let it linger on and affect your working life.

Formula 1 Driver

New Zealand born racing car driver, Graham McRae made his formula one debut in 1973. Graham had been successful in Formula 5000, winning the Tasman Series in 1971,72 and 73. He was given the opportunity of racing for the Williams team in the British F1 Grand Prix. Having qualified in 28th place, it wasn’t a debut to remember. McRae didn’t even complete a full lap and had to retire. That was his one and only appearance behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car.

Career Tip: You may well have been an ace in your previous role and had major success, but when the promotion that you had been longing for finally comes around and you think you have made it, only for it not to be what you had expected. ‘The grass is always greener on the otherside’ be sure to research  the new position and ask any questions you might have before excepting the role.

These are just a few examples of how some things can happen when you make your next career move. They don’t happen to people every day, but it might be worth paying attention to some of our tips if you are thinking about taking on a new role.

Happy job hunting!

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