Now Hiring 2014Job searching can be very difficult, but if you’re looking for a career change in 2014 you might be interested to find out which industries are on the up this year.

If you are thinking of changing careers do your research to maximise job longevity and make the move positive. Consider your future job within these strong performing industries of 2014.

• Construction – Even though the construction industry suffered at the beginning of the recession, it seems that the ever growing population has boosted the industry again; the need for property has never been as high. This will continue to drive construction making it an industry that will always require skilled and non-skilled labour. If you’re not afraid of some hard work then this sector could be for you.

• Retail – Although retail sales have taken a hit from the online market the high street is still continuing to grow. Consumer confidence in the economy has led to an increase in spending which is great news for retail businesses. These companies are looking to hire more staff for a range of roles from the shop floor to the warehouse.

• Manufacturing – The added bonus of more people and businesses requiring premises and products is the added need for them to be manufactured. This will lead to an increase within the sector, most notably in computer, electronics and metal fabrication products.

• IT – As we all know technology is continuing to grow and it’s no surprise that with this comes an influx of new companies and the expansion of existing ones. This has ultimately led to the need for experts within the field of IT. From Application/Web Developers to SEO Analysers, the demand for new, skilled employees is high. Even R&D teams within the automotive industry require IT professionals as they try to keep up with the need for all things being connected. The possibilities seem endless, making this sector a positive choice for your career prospects.

So if you’re struggling to find a job or you’re looking for a change but not sure where the best opportunities lie, the above could be a great starting point in which to find the perfect job.

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