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More and more people are realising the benefits of a career in web development, design and programming. There’s never been a better time to get into this industry which, while competitive at the lower end, comes with all kinds of benefits and great opportunities for progression. Read on to find out why this could be just the career you’ve been looking for.

It pays well

Web developers can expect a higher than average wage than people in other industries with the same amount of experience. Many employers are happy to employ those who didn’t go to university as well, due to skilled, self-taught programmers being so common, and so it actually offers a well above average wage for non-graduates too.

A new developer starts on £20,000 on average, up to around £48,000 for a senior developer. And if you have experience in several programming languages, this will make you even more in demand; developers at the higher end may find they can demand almost any salary they want.

It’s creative and technical

Ask any web developer what their average day is like. They’ll tell you every day is different. Whereas many technical jobs feature the same day in day out, front-end web developers work on new creative projects all the time.

It’s the combination of analytical, logical thought with the ability to make new things and find new ways to do things that no-one has done before, that makes the work so exciting for developers – no matter how many years they’ve been at it.

It has a great future

Few industries are developing as fast as this one. Along with most aspects of software development, the work is evolving all the time.

Staying current with the way the industry is changing can be a challenge, but from day one, developers have the opportunity to push the limits and shape the future of web browsing, design and technology. Skilled developers who know how to create great user experiences will only be finding their skills more in demand over the coming years.

Work wherever you want

Trained web developers benefits from a great amount of freedom in when, where and how they work. Web experts are needed in all industries, including online recruitment, and may work in-house (for one company) or on the agency side (for many companies and brands). Or by going freelance, you can set your own rate and work on whatever schedule you want, wherever you want!

Did we miss anything? What are the downsides to web development? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

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