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Every good business should offer something different from the competition; customers don’t see value in a company that offers the same services and experiences as everyone else. So when you’re considering using a recruitment company, it helps to be able to see what each one does differently from the rest, and therefore which one will be best at meeting your needs.

Blue Octopus isn’t like other recruitment companies or agencies. We’ve made an effort to set ourselves apart and provide a service that provides the best results for clients and candidates, regardless of what might be more traditional or familiar.

Before explaining exactly how our thinking and methods differ from the norm, let’s take a look at the state of the recruitment industry currently.

In the contingency recruitment agency space, the same model applies across the board: agencies compete to place candidates in roles. Each agency offers substantially the same service, the only difference being their reach and access to different candidates and roles; because of this it’s usual for an employer to give a role to several agencies to fill, and also for candidates to register with several agencies. This expends a lot of effort all around and involves a lot of guesswork and wasted effort as nobody knows who will actually produce the successful candidate.

It’s not hard to see that this is hardly the most efficient method of filling a role. Recruiters on a “no cure no fee” contract, as it’s often called, needn’t be particularly committed to filling your role as the effort may end up wasted. What’s more, as the employer you will pay over the odds for the recruiter’s services to make up for the flaw in their own business model, where they may receive no fee after months of work.

Though agencies aren’t particularly client-focused, employers still flock to them as many are not really aware that there exists another way of finding candidates…that is, except by doing all the legwork themselves, something that is not always feasible.

When Blue Octopus was formed, we decided to strip away all of the uncertainty and timewasting and settled our focus on filling roles quickly and cost effectively. With low overheads and a flat-fee structure, we can ensure that you save money while still receiving a high quality of candidate.

Blue Octopus also works to fill the role rather than place the candidate, and while that might sound like a subtle difference, our client-focused approach does mean you shouldn’t need to wait for weeks or even months wondering whether a hire will ever be made.

This is especially the case when you find how transparent our service is – you can find out which candidates have applied, how strongly they should be considered, and you can even contact them yourself – at any hour of the day or night, no matter where in the world you are. This is made possible with our recruitment technology Octo which is packed with features and is purpose built by us for the recruitment process.

We’re also very active in reaching out to candidates – more so than many agencies who would rather job seekers came to them, thus missing out on talent. Through CV searching and passive candidate engagement, we have more than half a million job seekers registered with us that we can search through and contact.

If you’re tired of the standard agency practices and can’t shake that feeling that recruitment doesn’t have to be this way – you’re right, and we can help move your hiring practices forward. Do get in touch with us, and find out what we’re all about by requesting a brochure or technology demo today.

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