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There’s good news for anyone considering going into manufacturing: the sector is growing. In fact, it’s expected that well over a million vacancies will be created over the next few years.

Thinking of starting a new career in manufacturing? Here are the top reasons why the perfect time to get involved is now.

Workers are in demand

After a slow period when many manufacturing jobs have been moved overseas or cut altogether, British manufacturing is coming back, with many companies bringing their production operation back to our shores in order to shorten the supply chain and focus on delivering quality rather than cutting costs.

That means you’ll work hard on making sure everything produced is as close to perfect as possible – great for those who take special pride in the quality of the work. With a focus on quality, you’ll be well paid as well.

It could match your skills perfectly

Could manufacturing be the ideal use of your skillset? Employers value attention to detail and an aptitude for problem solving. It helps to be technically minded, even if you’re not an engineer, but you should also be comfortable dealing with people at all levels of the operation. It’s not for everyone, but if this sounds like you, who knows where you could end up?

You’ll have choice

Manufacturing is not just a large sector, it’s a diverse one, and you’ll have many areas to choose from. Among many others, there’s electronics, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical, construction, robotics and civil engineering. Food and drink is the largest single manufacturing sector, while energy is growing very quickly, from oil and gas to nuclear.

Whether you have your sights set on research and development, logistics, support or production, you’re sure to find the area that strikes your fancy!

It’s a challenge you’ll enjoy

Manufacturers are always striving to improve their processes. Whether they want to create things better, faster or cheaper, workers at all levels of production push themselves to do one better than the competition.

It’s not the kind of job where you can expect to simply turn up and receive a pay cheque – it’s your dedication to improving the way things are done that will end up getting you to the top.

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