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Halloween is just around the corner…in fact, you could say it’s right on our doorsteps and it won’t leave until we give it sweets. Naturally we’ve got to thinking about all kinds of spooky things and we’ve realised that many workplaces (obviously not Blue Octopus) have one or two employees who are worse than any monster.

If you work with a werewolf or a ghost, coming in to work could be a truly terrible experience, but luckily there’s usually a way to deal with these spooks. Here’s what to do when your colleagues are more trick than treat.


You wouldn’t like to work with a vampire, but believe it or not, they’re everywhere. Some people thrive from sapping the life out of others in the workplace. Okay, they may not literally sink their teeth into people’s necks, but when they take pleasure in other people’s misfortune…well, those people just plain suck.

Emotional vampires feed off of people’s reactions as much as anything, so your best option is not to give them the response they’re looking for. Ignore them and they’ll soon wither away.


While some co-workers are hard to get rid of, others seem to just disappear whenever they’re needed…like a phantom. Colleagues who vanish for long periods of time might be less scary than your average ghost but are no less upsetting.

Another trait of ghosts is that they’re happy to take credit but avoid blame. It’s like they just disappear through the walls. Any employee who avoids their responsibilities is a problem, whether they’re lazy, late or just want to avoid being in trouble. It’s up to their manager to hold them to account…perhaps with a séance.movie The Huntsman: Winter’s War 2016


Werewolves are among the scariest of all beasts. Why? Because they seem like nice ordinary people…that is, until every so often when the other side of them comes out.

Similarly, some people you work with may appear very nice and normal, but have a less professional side to them that is only occasionally seen. Some find that there is too much pressure to conduct themselves at work and when they’re having a bad day they might begin to turn! They walk among us…just like real werewolves. What do you mean they’re not real?


Witches spend their days brewing foul things and stirring up trouble in cauldrons. Similarly, some of the people you work with may enjoy stirring up gossip and causing trouble wherever they go.

Few people like a habitual gossip though, as they demonstrate they’re not a person to confide in. Tempting as it may be to take part in office gossip, you’d usually be better off staying away from it all.

Do you work with monsters? How do you bust these ghouls? Let us know in the comments…and Happy Halloween!

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