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Among the news delivered in last Wednesday’s Budget, George Osborne made a fantastic announcement: that employment in Yorkshire has increased more than in an entire European country.

The chancellor said, “And which county has created more jobs than the whole of France? The great county of Yorkshire.”

We were thrilled, obviously, to hear this news, though not totally surprised. Yorkshire, along with the rest of the north, has been coming on in leaps and bounds in terms of recruitment, employment and the economy in general.

We’ve seen plenty of evidence of that at Blue Octopus as we’ve placed tons of people in jobs locally and all over the country – and Blue Octopus itself has grown tenfold over the period that Mr Osborne described!

As it turns out, employment in France overall has actually fallen over the past few years. By creating jobs at all, Yorkshire, and probably much of the rest of the country, has the French beaten hands down. (The chancellor counted only the net increase – that is, he deducted from his figures the jobs that were lost.)

Looking at how he worked it out, it’s maybe not quite as unique a claim as it first sounded. But we can take away the main point that things are getting better for workers, companies and job seekers in the north. Our condolences go to the French!

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