Client FAQ’s

Blue Octopus isn’t like a traditional recruitment agency – it works a bit differently. We’ve tried to answer the most commonly asked questions here but if there’s something we haven’t covered give us a call on 01943 461 327.

  • Who are Blue Octopus?

    We are one of the UKs leading online recruiters, we are based in Yorkshire and set the standard of honest recruitment. Our experienced award winning team work with you to save your organisation significant amounts of money, time and attract a higher calibre of candidate compared to traditional methods of recruitment. We provide a complete recruitment solution, working closely with HR departments to assist them with the recruitment process. To find out more check our about us page.

  • What do you do?

    We provide a complete recruitment solution. We work closely with HR departments to help them recruit. This includes but not limited to advertising your vacancies, screening/legal checks, organising interviews and communicating with all candidates. We can also provide marketing services to help further reach, promote your company and its job prospects to candidates and the passive public. To find out more check our services page.

  • What is the cost? How can you save me money?

    Our fee remains fixed regardless of the salary, location, job title or if multiple hires are made. We work to a low cost flat fee model, where all our clients stay at the same fee. The only time the fee will vary is down to the volume. To find out more check our compare us page. If you would like to discuss a recruitment package please contact us. 

  • How can you save me time?

    We have invested heavily in the service side of our business and have an Award Winning Candidate Management Team that act as an extension of your HR team. Our in-house web based candidate management platform ‘Octo’ streamlines and centralises the entire process. To find out more see our technology page.

  • What technology can you provide?

    We have developed our very own in-house web based candidate management platform. This technology is called ‘Octo’ and it allows you to track and manage, in real time, all your vacancies whilst scoring and managing all your incoming applications. To find out more please see our technology webpage.

  • Who do you work with?

    We partner with SME and Corporate organisations across multiple industries and sectors. Many noticeable companies can be seen across the bottom of this page. To find out more about how they have enjoyed our service please see our testimonials webpage.


  • Why do we need an appointment?

    Our approach may be modern, but we believe in building relationships the good old fashioned way. It is paramount we understand your business and Blue Octopus is a managed service provider, so it is impossible for us to demonstrate our service or explain how we work over a phone call or on email. Want to talk? Contact us today! 

  • Where do your services cover?

    We cover and operate across the entire UK. We also cover parts of Europe and have the resources to operate globally.

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