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A lot of recruitment companies say they are different, but we actually are.

The future of online recruitment is here. Find out what makes Blue Octopus stand out from the competition.

We’re a fixed fee recruitment company which means there won’t be any scary placement fees. Just exceptional service, a dedicated team and powerful online recruitment software – all for one flat fee. Check out our infographic and compare us to the competition.

Blue Octopus Recruitment Comparison
  • Traditional Recruitment Agency

    Traditional Recruitment Agency

    Recruitment agencies use small teams with limited recruitment technology, talent pools and job board reach. 

    What’s in it for you? An over inflated placement fee and pushy recruitment consultants trying to fill a vacancy with candidates that aren’t always the best fit. 

  • Recruitment Resellers

    Recruitment Resellers

    At first glance resellers appear to offer reasonable value because of their low fees. 

    What’s in it for you? Lower quality candidates because of poor reach and service and a lot of legwork managing candidates and performing all the communication. 

  • DIY In-house Recruitment Team

    DIY In-house Recruitment Team

    Handling your own recruitment makes it easier to manage costs but it can be time consuming.

    What are you missing out on? Advice, guidance and proactive candidate search by recruitment experts and access to hundreds of job boards and advertising platforms.

Eight reasons why we are the best recruitment solution

Blue Octopus is trusted by some of the UK’s largest companies